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While you may be aware of foundations, footings are less commonly discussed. But concrete footings are incredibly important, and actually allow the foundation to do its job.

Footings are concrete structures, poured into trenches and reinforced with rebar. Footings work to spread the weight of the foundation and prevent shifting or settling when a structure is on unstable surfaces.

If you are building on soft soil, sand or in an area with frequent rain or flooding, footings are essential. Melbourne residents deserve to have a strong and stable structure, whether it is a house, pergola, shed or deck.

By checking soil densities, angles of hills or slopes and other factors, our professional concreters can decide how deep and wide footings should be. When you’re looking for a true professional concreter, no-one is more reliable than Icon Concrete.

Why Choose Icon Concrete for Footings in Melbourne?

With over 3 decades of experience in laying footings in Melbourne, Icon Concrete’s trained staff have all concreting services down to a science. We are fully insured and use only modern and reliable equipment.

Icon Concrete is dedicated to providing excellent service, whether your project is large or small, private or public, home or retail. We keep you updated on every step of the process, and always want to exceed your expectations.

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