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Basement Construction

Why You Should Never Cut Costs on Basement Construction

In the world of concrete construction, you get what you pay for. We are often asked by customers about why our basement construction services are costlier than other quotes that they have received, and the reason is simply that the quality of our work demands more time, effort, and skill compared with what other companies can offer. Concrete basements aren’t the place that you want to be cutting construction costs in your home, and in this article, we look at just a few of the problems that can arise from and improperly constructed basement.

Buckling or bowing floors

Uneven or sinking floors are a sign of structural problems and need to be addressed immediately. Rising foundations due to changes in the soil, soil erosion beneath the floor, or improper footing pad installation are all common causes of buckling and bowing walls. These types problems require professional intervention to remedy and can be quite costly.

Leaking and flooding

Groundwater is the most common cause of leaking or flooding in a basement. When groundwater rises, hydrostatic pressure will push it through any available crack or crevice, so any improperly sealed wall or floor joints will leave your basement vulnerable to flooding. Other common causes of flooding include penetrating pipes that are not properly sealed into the basement wall, as well as rotting or rusting windows. These issues all stem from improper installation and require professional intervention to remedy. The effects of leaking and flooding can include mould, staining, humidity and efflorescence.

Buckling or bowing walls

Walls that are caving in or becoming misshapen are indicative of a foundation problem and can even be indicative of a failed foundation.


Although it’s not uncommon for cracks appear in well constructed basements, some types of cracks can be indicative of serious underlying problems. In new basements, vertical or diagonal cracks naturally occur as a result of the concrete curing whereas horizontal cracks are indicative of pressure on the sides of the wall and are often a sign that the foundation is failing. Cracks in the foundation flood are also problematic as they are a common entry point for water and can also leak radon gas into your home.

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