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Bored Piers

Understanding Bored Piers

Bored piers (also known as bored piles) are one of the key concrete construction services that iCon Concrete provides. In this article, we take a closer look at what bored piers actually are, and why they are such a popular construction alternative.

What are they?

Commonly used to support heavy vertical loads for high rise buildings, bored piles are cast-in concrete piles that are installed using a special bored piling machine which can be used to drill up to 50m into the soil to ensure a sound foundation. Bored piling requires a specialist contractor as it requires a different skillset than conventional footings.

What are they used for?

Drilled shafts are used to support high rise buildings or substantial industrial complexes which need heavy duty foundations that can bear loads of several thousand tons. Bored piling is also a popular choice for bridge construction.

What are the advantages?

Bored piles offer a number of advantages when compared with conventional footings. Because they are cast so deep into the earth, bored piles are ideal for difficult soil situations such as where where the soil is prone to swelling as they can simply be extended through unstable soil until suitable ground is penetrated. Another advantage of the variable lengths of bored piles is that they can be installed at depths below frost penetration, making them much better at bearing moisture fluctuation.

When compared to driven piles, bored piles also have a much higher capacity, and tend to be a more affordable option. Environmentally speaking, bored piles also offer a number of advantages over other methods as it minimalises backfill, eliminated the need to undertake large excavations, causes minimal disruption to the adjacent soil and nearby structures, and produces very little vibration or noise.

What details are some disadvantages associated with this technique?

Whilst this deep foundation system offers a lot of advantages, there are naturally some challenges associated with getting them drilled. Determining the type of drilling technology required for a particular project involves extensive soil analysis and if cohesion-less soils are present, then stabilising materials such as a steel cage, or bentonite suspension may be required.

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