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Top 3 Benefits of Using Concrete Slabs in Melbourne

Concrete slabs are a popular choice for house foundations, flooring and other structures in Melbourne homes because they provide a number of benefits which are important to home owners in this city. Let’s explore 3 of the top benefits of using concrete slabs in your Melbourne home.

1. Thermal mass and energy efficiency

Thermal mass is the ability of a material absorb, store, and release heat. Thermal mass is sometimes referred to as ‘building conditioning’ because it is like inbuilt air conditioning, but more effective.

Concrete has a high thermal mass, which means that it absorbs excess heat (during the summer or on a hot day), and releases heat when the temperature drops (such as in winter or on a cold night).

Concrete is ideal for Melbourne’s highly variable climate as it provides good insulation which absorbs heat, keeping your house cool during the day and slowly releasing heat at night so you stay warm. As Melbourne often experiences a very high day-night temperature variance, this is an efficient mechanism for maintaining comfortable temperatures while conserving energy. House slabs can also be insulated underneath, so that less heat is required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Durability

A reputable concrete company in Melbourne will know how to build a concrete structure that provides longevity and will display minimal cracking and shrinking over time. At iCon Concrete we know how important it is to choose the right concrete structure for your specific needs and provide the highest quality structures for all of our concrete services. Our highly trained team have vast experience in all types of residential concrete slab production including Raft Slabs, Waffle Pod Slabs, Concrete Footings, Basements, Bored Piers, Shortcreting, Retaining Walls and structures for Multi-Unit Sites.

With each type of slab production we take the necessary measures to ensure that the concrete structure will be as durable as possible. For example, Raft Slabs are steel reinforced concrete slabs, which we build with steel reinforced concrete beams forged into the soil for strength and stability.

3. Design

Concrete provides a great deal of flexibility as your slab can be built to suit the design of your home as well as the soil below it, and the type of environment in which your home is located. You can design your home to take advantage of thermal mass benefits, additional ventilation in hot climates with a low day-night variance, and insulation can be added in cooler climates to lower the required temperature for a comfortable interior climate (as is common practice in Melbourne).

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