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The Best Landscaping Trends of 2016

Garden landscaping is subject to trends in just the same way that interiors are. Whilst 2015 was all about bold geometrically patterned pots, air plants, tropical foliage and Nordic finishes, 2016 has seen landscaping shift towards a natural, subdued aesthetic with relaxed outdoor living areas, monochrome garden beds, and heavier coloured hardscaping. In this article, we take a look at four of the best landscaping trends to emerge in 2016.


Moody paint colours

It’s not uncommon for design trends in Europe and the US to take a season or two before they hit our shores, and this is true of the dark outdoor paint palette. Bland pastel tones of white, grey and beige are being swapped out in favour of dramatic black or moody jewel tones of dark blue and green. These darker colours help accentuate the shape of plants, and make a very modern exterior statement.


Breakdown of the indoor/outdoor binary

Increasingly, homeowners are doing away with the idea of separate indoor and outdoor spaces. Instead, there is a growing trend towards embracing the indoors, outdoors and vice versa. Indoor plants, wicker furniture, windowsill herb gardens and terrariums have been popular interior trends for some time now, but outdoor ‘living spaces’ are quickly catching up in 2016. Alfresco lounge sets complete with fabric cushions, open fire pits, covered areas with heaters, rugs, and decorative patio surfacing are all popular as homeowners seek to get year round use from their outdoor area.


Monochrome plants

Landscapers are moving away from the harlequin coloured English garden aesthetic and are instead embracing subdued planting palettes that echo the natural landscape. Rather than going for the overwhelming visual effect of multi-coloured flowers, landscaping designers are choosing instead to focus on subtle details such as foliage textures and branch patterns. Sculptural plants in subdued colours such as Australian natives, grasses and succulents are all in vogue and as an added bonus, they’re all low maintenance.


Garden lighting

Whilst garden lighting has always been used in a functional capacity, 2016 has seen it evolve into a statement in it’s own right. Fairy light strings, lanterns, LED rope borders and illuminated trees are all being used to create ambient night gardens where plants and lights interact for a dramatic effect.


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