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The advantages of concrete slabs

There are several different materials used in building foundations including brick, stone, timber and steel, however concrete slabs remain the most popular foundation choice for homes and other buildings. Here four benefits of building with concrete slabs.


Concrete slabs are generally cheaper than creating crawlspaces or basements beneath a building. If conditions allow, a concrete slab can be directly laid over undisturbed soil. This minimises labour and excavation costs, making concrete slabs an economical foundation choice.

Time efficient

Concrete slabs may reduce overall construction time, as they are relatively easy to install.
Concrete slabs can contribute to a smaller timeframe for project completion or accelerate a project that is already running behind schedule. A solid concrete slab also accurately lays out the dimensions of a building, meaning you can more easily plan for your building’s total area.


Concrete slabs are effective foundations as they are flat and solid. Unlike other foundations, they are not segmented, they sit at ground level and they do not rely on other beams or supports. A solid concrete slab will adequately bear the above structure’s weight and ensure the building is secure. A concrete slab can also be used to centre the rigidity of a building, making the structure on top more stable.


A concrete slab also acts as a protective barrier between the ground and the frame of a structure. Concrete slabs are particularly effective in protecting your home from moisture and burrowing insects, such as wood louse and termites. Additionally, concrete acts as an effective heat and fire insulator. Concrete is generally non-combustible, which means it is extremely fire resistant and reduces the spread of flames. Insulated concrete slabs also have the advantage of providing stable core temperatures to buildings.

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