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The Advantages of an Aggregate Concrete Patio

The patio area is a staple feature of Melbourne backyards and is a simple, cost effective way to create a multipurpose living space. Whilst timber decking might be the first thought that comes to mind when you think about outdoor entertainment areas, it is not necessarily the best option. In this article, we examine the key advantages that aggregate concrete has over timber decking when used as an outdoor surfacing option.


Outdoor timber decking tends to be high maintenance as the wood requires frequent re-treating to ensure it remains water resistant and impervious to rot. Timber used outside also requires staining to ensure it retains it’s pleasing appearance. By contrast, an aggregate concrete patio requires next to no maintenance as it has no joints and is virtually impervious to wear from the elements.


Few things can compete with aggregate concrete when it comes to durability, and timber is not one of them. Timber decking is vulnerable to rot, termite invasion, warping and splintering whilst aggregate concrete is known for it’s strength and ability to resist common problems like cracking and spalling which affect other types of concrete.


Timber decking is one of the costlier options on the market both in terms of material costs and installation time. By contrast, aggregate concrete is a low cost material which requires relatively little labour to install.


Timber decking and aggregate concrete offer a similar aesthetic effect in terms of creating a natural look but aggregate offers a broader range of options as it can be made using virtually any type or size of stone. Coloured pebbles for example, can be used to create a vibrant, multifaceted effect whilst large grey blue river stones evoke a chic minimalist aesthetic.


Timber is one of the least environmentally friendly material options in outdoor spaces as it is made from limited resources and requires solvent based stains and treatments for maintenance. By contrast, aggregate concrete can be made using recycled materials and does not require harsh chemicals to maintain it’s appearance.

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