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Practicing Driveway Safety

Driveway accidents involving children are a depressingly common news item and these terrible accidents often occur because we choose to conceptualise road safety as something to be practiced outside the home. In this article, we take a look at a few key ways you can ensure the safety of your children by practicing caution around the driveway.

Teach your children that the driveway is a dangerous place

Although we tend to think of car accidents in terms of on road collisions, the reality is that a lot of accidents occur before the car ever pulls out of the driveway. It’s important to emphasise to your children that the driveway is just as dangerous as the road, and that they are not to play on it. By avoiding normalising play around stationary cars, you reduce the likelihood of your child being involved in a driveway accident. Put up physical barriers like fences and gates that make it impossible for your child to access the driveway unsupervised.


Create a safe area to play

Designate a particular part of the yard as the children’s play area and encourage them to think of it as their own so that they are less inclined to play on the driveway. Installing a swing, cubby, or sandpit is a great way to pique a child’s interest and play desire to their desire to claim something as their own. Once you’ve established this area, make it a rule that they have to stand there whilst there are cars moving in the driveway.


Be vigilant and supervise children at all times

Always make sure you know where your children are when there are cars moving on your property. If you have younger children, make a point of holding their hand and guiding them around vehicles and if you yourself need to move a vehicle and there are no other adults around, put the child in the car with you. Finally, always take a few seconds to physically check your blind spots by walking around the car before you get in and drive off.


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