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Hearings will be held in the hall of the Katowice district court Street. Barracks. A few months ago Katowice court asked the Supreme Court to designate the case to another court of appeal. He argued that there is no legal possibility to complete the bench – missing by criminal judges, who previously did not rule on the processes of the group “Krakowiak”. The Supreme Court did not consider these arguments.

Also, judges from other departments of the Court of Appeal in Katowice, not only criminal, they are able to carefully and efficiently lead this matter – pointed to the Supreme Court. In the first instance, “Krakowiak” was sentenced to 25 years in prison, as Marek M., ps. “Wink”, accused of ordering the group Janusz T. one of the murders. The court imposed a life sentence is seen in a gang enforcer Zdzislaw L., Ps. “Zdzicho.” This was made in June accused the request for exemption from the case all the judges of the Katowice Court of Appeal and transfer it to another district. The main argument of the accused concerned the judgment of 2004. In the Katowice district court sentenced comrade “Oczki” – Sylvester O., ps. “Sylwek”, to 13 years in prison for people to order “Krakowiak” murder competitor – Belarusian Victor F. Later in that judgment upheld the appellate court. In its composition he sat Suchowska Judge Barbara, who was also now rule on the appeal process group “Krakowiak”.

According to the “Zdzicha” issuing judgment on New Year’s Eve O., also he prejudged his guilt. As a result of the ruling on the appeal hearing two judges were excluded. Turning to the Supreme Court, the appellate court argued that there is no legal possibility to complete the necessary to hear the case. By criminal judges – though in court in Katowice is about 20 – is too little. The composition of the rule on the “Krakowiak” is already two cywilistow, but the composition of the completion of up to four cywilistow five members adjudicating in such a serious and complex case would make the procedural guarantees would not be implemented – argued the appeal court.

Recognizing the request for referral, the Supreme Court agreed with the judges from Katowice, that the exclusion from the case by criminal judges Janusz T. creates certain difficulties. “There are, however, legitimate suggestions court that appointed to hear the case judges constantly hearing other than criminal, departments will not be able to meet the requirement of a thorough and efficient conduct of court proceedings, and indeed exclusively to this kind of concern comes down presented in the grounds of the arguments “- said the Supreme Court. Invalid verdict in the group Janusz T. collapsed in October 2016. It was the second trial in the case. The accused are responsible for more than 40 acts, including for murder and robbery. Part of the previous judgment concerning the most serious crimes, overturned the appeals court and ordered the provincial court to repeat the process. The district court acquitted one of 11 defendants. “Krakowiak” and “Wink” got 25 years in prison, and “Zdzicho” life imprisonment. The court stipulated that “Krakowiak” will be able to apply for release from prison after 20 years, and “Zdzicho” after 30.

The remaining measured from 2 to 10 years imprisonment. Suspended prison sentenced only Andrew K., who pleaded guilty and made incriminating colleagues explain. The district court found the defendants guilty of most crimes alleged against them, Janusz T. – a dozen. Composition of the Tribunal had no doubt that T. founded in 1991. Group, which later transformed into a compound of an armed criminal, committing the most serious crimes.

Only for this act sentenced him to five years in prison. He sentenced to 25 years for taking it from “Oczki” orders the murder of Victor F. crimes occurred in 1997. According to the prosecution and the court shooting “Zdzicho.” The court found “Krakowiak” guilty and sentenced him among the individual fines the commission of robberies on the nearest exchange office owner in Krakow Przemysl and collector’s Rovita (both were killed), commissioned by Miroslaw S. killings in Konin (the man survived), commissioning theft and drug production and trafficking. Zdzislaw L., Among others sentenced to life in prison for killing Victor F. and crime in Przemysl. The other, for example, imposed a penalty for taking part in robberies and thefts.

The most important evidence in the case was the testimony of two key witnesses – Wieslaw Vol. and Darius J., and in the process became the key to evaluate their credibility. The district court concluded that, although the passage of time because they were wrong about the details or certain matters not remember their testimony was believable. The case recognized by the Court of Appeal in Katowice concerns only part of the business group. The Prosecutor’s Office against its members addressed to the courts about 20 indictments. For example, in December 2016. Janusz T. was – already legally – sentenced to 10 years in prison for incitement to murder fellow cop chasing him and the prosecutor.

57 describing the main indictment charges went to court in June 2000. The first process in which the dock initially sat 36 people, began in February 2001. In 2008 and ended in 2010. Appeals court overturned on procedural grounds part judgment concerning the most important charges, and headed for reconsideration. He confirmed, however, then that Janusz T. compound founded and directed an armed criminal, as well as several years maintained judgments against most of the accused. According to the prosecution headed by “Krakowiak” association is to belong to the most serious crime in Poland. He worked from 1991 to 1999, mainly in the south of the country.

Crown testified as witnesses, at its peak had about 300 people. According to investigators and court gang had established the structure and hierarchy of the undisputed leader, and from the “authorities” designated for specific tasks. For example, the “enforcer” dealt with the killings and determination of penalties unruly gangsters, and “treasurer” took care of legal assistance to the arrested group members and their families. (PAP) Author: Krzysztof Konopka Sanchez Turull protesting in this way against the “lock them” a right of appeal to the European justice – lawyer told reporters the two politicians. Jordi Sanchez was president of the Catalan National Assembly, and Jordi Turull principal adviser to the head of the regional government of Catalonia Carles Puigdemonta. Both Sanchez, who was imprisoned in October 2017 and Turull arrested in March 2018, blamed on the rebels on the run by the Spanish Supreme Court on the basis of accusations against the Catalan politicians accused the ad “an illegal declaration of independence of Catalonia”. The Communication announced at a press conference by their lawyers accused the Catalan politicians protesting against the “blocking” them by the Spanish Constitutional Court may appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo in response to the protest trapped Catalan politicians said: “In Spain everyone is equal before the law, justice and Spain, which is a state law provides them with sufficient guarantees”. At the same time gave to understand that other governmental response to the hunger strike Catalans will not, since prisoners are subject to “other authority, which is the judicial authority.” Organized in 2017 by the Catalan authorities referendum on independence by the authorities in Madrid considered illegal. As a result, the Spanish government then dismissed the Catalan government, dissolved parliament and more than seven months took control of Catalonia. Six members of the ousted government of Catalonia, including Puigdemont, then fled abroad. Shortly afterwards, those who were in the country, ended up in jail; some of them in custody today, and part of it was released on bail. (PAP) Majszyk explained in an interview with PAP that the plane took off from Warsaw pm. 17.10. “In the vicinity of Krakow, the pilot decided to return to Warsaw Chopin Airport. The reason was a problem with opening flaps.

The problem is not concerned chassis only element mechanization wings” – he said. LOT Representative added that the machine safely landed at the capital airport after hours. 18, and the landing took place with the assistance of airport services, which is in accordance with the procedure applicable in such cases. On board the aircraft were 73 passengers and four people zalogi.zobacz also: Belgium: Brussels Airport still partly paralyzed by the strike »In October of childbirth problems, two Bombardier Q400 had to come back after starting the Chopin Airport. In one case reported problems with the landing gear in the second – smoke in the cabin. As first reported on the website of TVN Warszawa. As spokesman of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Lodz Jedrzej Pawlak, two victims – the bus driver and a passenger – were transported to the hospital.

Their condition is defined as severe. The third victim is a locomotive engineer. On-site service work, including three units of the fire brigade. Single-track route is blocked cargo Opoczno – Horse. (PAP) author: Agnieszka Grzelak-Michalowska Olsztyn District Prosecutor Robert D. North accused in the indictment that in October 2016. Exhorted the public to hatred against persons of Ukrainian origin and insulted two Ukrainian citizens because of their nationality. From adhering so. stickers on the car and near the residence of the Ukrainian marriage, which for several years, works and lives in Olsztyn.

On one of these stickers was crossed-Stepan Bandera, the second string “of UPA Ukrainian murderers’, placed on the background of the pictures of burning buildings countryside. Another four stickers found in the home of Robert D. summoned by the police Ukrainian marriage. The accused pleaded not alleged act. In April, Olsztyn District Court sentenced Robert D. six months of compulsory unpaid work for social purposes for the public insult of Ukrainian citizens because of their nationality and for having to distribute stickers of the content calling for hatred on grounds of nationality. The judgment appealed against the prosecutor, the accused and his lawyer. Tuesday – after considering the appeal – District Court in Olsztyn changed the first-instance judgment. Robert D. found guilty of public insult marriage Ukrainian citizens because of their nationality, but does not reveal this criminal act that the accused was in the apartment four stickers with the image of crossed Bandera.

For this reason, he commuted the punishment meted out to Robert D. to four months of restriction of liberty with the obligation to perform unpaid controlled work for social purposes of 24 hours a month. The ruling is final. The District Court did not believe the translations of the accused that his actions were merely educational and historical and he did it under the influence of emotion after watching the movie “Volyn.” As emphasized in the oral grounds of the judgment the judge Anna Gorczynska, it is clear that the UPA was a criminal organization. However – according to the court – the accused had actually wanted to recall these historical facts, the stickers have provided a wider audience, placing them around the neighborhood. Meanwhile nakleil them to a specific car, knowing that it belongs to a marriage Ukrainians. Therefore, the court accepted that the accused intended to and publicly insulted certain people because of their nationality.

The judge also pointed out that marriage is disadvantaged young people coming from eastern Ukraine, where knowledge of the UPA was much smaller than in the western part of the country. In the process, they admitted that the school had heard something about Bandera, but “did not have a clue.” (PAP) Author: Marcin Boguszewski According to the court record a fake news. Amal Fathy also received a fine of 10 thousand. Egyptian pounds (approx. 560 USD) – Abuela handed patron Tarek Nasr and the state news agency MENA. Fathy is a member of the banned in 2014. April 6 Movement, which played an important role during the protests in 2011, which resulted in moved away from the power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The woman was accused of spreading false news, threatening national security and publishing video recordings detrimental to social morality. She also erected a plea to join an illegal organization. “It is unjustified and incomprehensible injustice. We have provided all the evidence to show that they do not disseminate false news” – said the man convicted Mohamed Lotfy, an activist for human rights and the executive director of the Egyptian Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (ECRF). “When a woman is subjected to sexual harassment and is sentenced to two years and fined it means that everything we say Egipcjankom: + Close your mouth (…) if you do not want to go to jail,” – he stressed. Fathy intends to appeal the judgment. The woman was detained in May, a few days after posting on a social network 12-minute video, in which he expresses his anger at the poor quality of services at a local bank, sexual harassment by a taxi driver and a general deterioration of living conditions. Human rights organizations denounce the systematic violation of freedom by the regime of Egyptian President Abd el-Fatah es-Sisiego, especially in the network. In the summer in Egypt adopted a controversial new law on “Cybercrime”.

Under the new law, authorities may block through the court each site, the content of which constitutes a “threat to national security” or “national economy” and punish journalists for “publishing false news”. (PAP) It happened that President Bronislaw Komorowski typing in the election campaign, seeking votes leftist electorate rushed to the ratification and has not used its right and even the duty, which has as president – if there are doubts as regards the compatibility of a legal act of the constitution president should ask the Constitutional Court – Sadurska said. “The president did not do that, so we, as Members of Law and Justice zlozymy request to the Constitutional Court. We want the Court confirmed our opinions, and many constitutionalists” – she added. See also: Wanda Nowicka counts on an amendment to the anti-discrimination law »In the application to the Constitutional Tribunal are currently among the Convention infringes Article. 18 of the Constitution, according to which “marriage as a union of man and woman, the family, motherhood and parenthood are under the protection and care of the Polish Republic”. According to Justice Convention is also contrary to Article. 25, which states that public authorities shall be impartial in matters of religious beliefs or philosophical, ensuring their freedom of expression in public life. In the opinion of Justice has also been broken art.

48 of the Constitution saying that “parents have the right to educate their children in conformity with their own convictions.