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MrDots Games – Dating my Daughter – variation 0.15 (Chapter 2) + Patch


You’ll assume the role of a divorced dad that hasn’t seen his child in years. Given that she’s 18 years of age, she contacts you and lets you know that she wish to have a “father-daughter” date with you. You’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted with your daughter better, build a unique relationship and you will want to, maybe convince her to own more “father-daughter” times with you as time goes by.

You’ll be making alternatives between a couple of decisions which will adversely or favorably impact the upshot of the date while the primary story as well. There are a couple of stats (at present) within the game: Friendship and like. You can observe them at the very top right corner for the screen. Every time you make a option, you’ll win or lose a place (sometimes one or more) with respect to the choice you will be making. For instance, if you decide to stare at your daughter’s ass and she catches you, you’ll shed 1 friendship point. You’ll really need to get a specific amount points to advance into the game. In the event that you fail, you’ll have to repeat the date. There is going to be additional figures such as your ex-wife, your daughter’s closest friend, your colleagues, etc. Nevertheless the primary focus will be on F/D content.

Several things have actually happened this thirty days, and I’m afraid we have actually some bad news for the video game. I’ll make an effort to be because brief as you possibly can words that are. Incest-Related

This week, Patreon contacted me personally once more and asked that I eliminate all incest-related terms from the overall game ahead of the end regarding the thirty days. That means essentially eliminating all recommendations of F and D being loved ones within the script. They even asked in my situation never to connect my game to web sites such as incest content.

Since Chapter 1 is huge plus it would simply simply take me months which will make all of those modifications, I’ve decided that i shall get rid of the chapter totally through the Patreon articles by the end associated with thirty days. Each of you have downloaded the game already, and this is not actually a challenge for current people. I will be able to work on a spot the following month making sure that brand brand new people can install it but until that, it is best to just just take it away from here. The bad news is to any extent further, terms like d*ughter, f*ther, D*d, etc have been eliminated totally from Chapter 2. No visual scenes have now been changed or deleted. The storyline will not alter either. Simply the family-related terms have actually been eliminated.

I am hoping that with these noticeable changes, i’m going blackpeoplemeet to be in a position to remain away from Patreon’s radar for some time. Since there will not be any reference to incest or household members when you look at the game, i believe they will certainly accept keep my web page alone for the moment. I have currently delivered them the facts of those noticeable modifications nonetheless they have actuallyn’t responded me right straight back yet. Why don’t we hope they are doing it a few weeks.

AN ENORMOUS BUG IN THIS NEW CHAPTER (SIGNIFICANT! )While I happened to be coding the upgrade, we arrived up using this bug that is huge kept crashing my game. I really couldn’t re solve it with time for the upgrade it there in the code so I left. This bug somehow involves a file called ch2. Renpy. It really is situated within the game folder. It was included with this new Renpy platform, it exactly does and I’m too afraid to delete it so I don’t know what. I am hoping you don’t go through the exact same problems that I had. Me a PM if you have any questions about this bug, please send.

Sorry about that! So that’s pretty much it. I’m actually sorry about all this work, but if i did son’t take away the incest content, I happened to be vulnerable to being prohibited once again. Unfortunately, there are no good Patreon alternatives on the market, and so I had to comply, or lose the video game entirely, along with any future projects. I wish you all benefit from the brand new improvement and thank you for your continuous help all of this time. We really appreciate you dudes as well as your compliments along with great feedback within the last fourteen months, ever since the video game was initially posted.