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Four Ways to Renovate Using Concrete

Renovating is a great way to update and modernise your home without relocating. Home renovations add aesthetic appeal and versatility, while increasing the value of your property. There are many options to consider when renovating and many different materials that can be used. Concrete is an affordable, timeless material that can be used throughout many areas of the home.

Here are four of the most popular home renovations where concrete offers the best long-term value.

1. Kitchen

Kitchen renovations usually offer high return on investment, making them very popular. There are many ways that decorative concrete can spice up your kitchen. Concrete can be a good alternative to stone benchtops, with endless customisation opportunities. domain dns info . Concrete sinks and islands can create striking, streamlined aesthetics in your kitchen. If your old linoleum floor has seen better days, then consider replacing it with durable, timeless concrete. Concrete flooring can be stained or dyed for warmth, polished to create a luxurious finish, and can even feature multi-coloured designs.

2. Bathroom

Concrete is an ideal choice for bathroom renovations. It can be used for almost every surface, giving you access to completely customisable looks that create a consistent aesthetic.

Concrete is a fantastic low-maintenance choice for the bathroom as it is water resistant, preventing the build-up of mould and mildew. A luxurious bathroom is the ideal renovation for a savvy investor, as returns range from 75 to 100 per cent. Countertops are the most popular concrete bathroom installation.

3. Outdoor Deck

Sick of the maintenance on your old timber decking? Why not replace it with a low-maintenance material that will last a lifetime. Unlike wooden decking, a concrete patio will not buckle or require re-staining. Concrete also eliminates the risk of termite infestation, and prevents the growth of weeds. Exposed aggregate concrete is popular in Melbourne, and provides a stylish, natural looking finish to complement your outdoor space.

4. Resurfacing

Old, cracked concrete is unsightly and can sometimes be a sign of structural damage, however it is easily replaced or restored. Modern concrete has been designed to allow greater flexibility, and comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Overlays and coatings can be applied to your tired, old concrete, making it look brand new. Concrete driveways are often the first feature to need resurfacing, and can be completely upgraded with a new pattern or colour scheme to add a touch of finesse to your outdoor space.

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