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Five reasons you should use a professional concreter and not DIY

Concreting is a specialised skill that is fundamental to the building industry. While concreting may look easy and straight forward, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a professional concreter instead of opting to do it yourself.

1. Concreters’ jobs go beyond pouring and mixing concrete

The concreter must understand the composition of the materials being poured, the climate and the conditions. Qualifications, such as the Certificate III in Concreting, are awarded to ensure standards of quality are being taught and exercised across the country.

2. The safety of the project depends on it, especially if it’s structural

There are varying levels of concreting projects. If you’re considering doing something beyond a small, backyard patio, especially if the project is structural, your best option is to engage a concrete contractor. Concrete projects go beyond appearance and are vital to the safety and durability of your property. Consulting with a concrete company is a smart option.

3. Ensure quality you can be proud of

Professional concreters, like Icon Concrete, can ensure the quality of the work they produce. Additionally, they are skilled in various concrete finishes that require specialist skills, such as polished, exposed-aggregate, stencils, saw cuts, broom finishes and crushed glass.

4. Save time and money

Unlike many other DIY projects around the house, a mistake made with concreting can be long-lasting or expensive to remove. Professional concreters are skilled at properly mixing the concrete, estimating drying time, understanding building requirements and assessing the use of rebar for reinforcement. A mistake made in this area can not only botch the job, it can also require an expensive removal process.

5. Avoid renting equipment and learning new skills on the job

How big is your project? Did you know that some projects require a mixing machine or a mixing truck? When stacked up against the wheelbarrow most homeowners have tucked away in their garden shed, a professional concreter’s tools and equipment allow for a quicker, more professional finish.

Icon Concrete specialises in residential concrete construction. They are trained in the highest standard of concrete work and only use the highest materials in their construction. They are able to help you with your needs in concrete construction, flooring and driveways.