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Most of the known details about condoms and use

Condoms are formulated away from fine plastic and produce a barrier to avoid sperm and infection from moving between individuals while having sex. They could be utilized for genital sex, rectal intercourse and sex that is oral.

Condoms are necessary for steering clear of the spread of STIs. They could notably lower your threat of disease, despite the fact that they cannot offer 100% security against all infections that are sexually transmitted.

And don’t forget: there is more to intercourse than sexual activity! There are numerous techniques to enjoy real closeness along with your partner with no dental, genital or sex that is anal. Safer intercourse also incorporates plenty of alternative activities like kissing, cuddling, rubbing, therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage, stroking or masturbation. It definitely pays to play it safe if you have vaginal, anal or oral sex!

Can I always utilize a condom?

Make use of a condom each time you have actually vaginal or sex that is anal minimise the possibility of getting or moving on STIs. Think about making use of condoms for dental intercourse, particularly if you have actually plenty of intimate lovers. Continue reading