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Happily, there was a solution: Marry in Denmark.Marrying a non-European in European countries

Engaged and getting married in European countries may be a bureaucratic nightmare whenever you’re a worldwide few.

In certain countries in europe like Germany, engaged and getting married requires lots of documents and time, particularly when your lover just isn’t A european resident. To offer an illustration: to get hitched in Berlin, you have to begin the applying procedure at the very least half a year before your desired date for the wedding. Moreover, marrying a non-European needs a call towards the registry workplace, that may occupy the complete time, simply to get all the details needed seriously to begin the application process that is rather complicated.

For worldwide partners that do n’t need to endure the bureaucratic battle and wait at the least half a year to have hitched, there was a straightforward solution: Denmark helps it be quite easy for worldwide partners from around the entire world and of any sex to have hitched.* Partners just require a couple of papers and that can marry in just 3–4 days, rendering it the fastest nation to obtain hitched within the EU. Some pa > within three times.

This gu >the requirements for the Copenhagen City Hall, where my American husband and I, a German citizen, got married while every Danish town hall has their own requirements and regulations. Continue reading