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Hearings will be held in the hall of the Katowice district court Street. Barracks. A few months ago Katowice court asked the Supreme Court to designate the case to another court of appeal. He argued that there is no legal possibility to complete the bench – missing by criminal judges, who previously did not rule on the processes of the group “Krakowiak”. The Supreme Court did not consider these arguments.

Also, judges from other departments of the Court of Appeal in Katowice, not only criminal, they are able to carefully and efficiently lead this matter – pointed to the Supreme Court. In the first instance, “Krakowiak” was sentenced to 25 years in prison, as Marek M., ps. “Wink”, accused of ordering the group Janusz T. one of the murders. The court imposed a life sentence is seen in a gang enforcer Zdzislaw L., Ps. “Zdzicho.” This was made in June accused the request for exemption from the case all the judges of the Katowice Court of Appeal and transfer it to another district. The main argument of the accused concerned the judgment of 2004. In the Katowice district court sentenced comrade “Oczki” – Sylvester O., ps. “Sylwek”, to 13 years in prison for people to order “Krakowiak” murder competitor – Belarusian Victor F. Later in that judgment upheld the appellate court. In its composition he sat Suchowska Judge Barbara, who was also now rule on the appeal process group “Krakowiak”.

According to the “Zdzicha” issuing judgment on New Year’s Eve O., also he prejudged his guilt. A Continue reading