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Hear the words “bridesmaid dresses” and you’ll often hear a resounding, “Gross!” quickly after.

It really is a tragedy just just just how bridesmiad gowns have actually gotten this kind of bad rep through many years. Bad color alternatives (puke green) and unfortunate design dangers (HUGE bows) are becoming bad bridesmaid dress archetypes that produce being fully a bridesmaid feel similar to a curse in place of an honor. Perhaps it’s as the bride has bad style or an overbearing mom who believes she understands fashun—whatever the truth could be, however, one thing’s for several: Sexy bridesmaid dresses do occur. You simply have to find out how to locate them. (And thank god for all of us.)

We’ve gone ahead and done the difficult for you—below, you’ll find a roundup of pretty bridesmiad gowns you’ll really manage to wear once more. Continue reading