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There’s nothing even worse, in this cruel, cool globe than dating an individual who is on a new menstrual period than you might be

5. Whenever your durations are NOT synced up.

which means the for approximately a couple of weeks out from the thirty days (half the thirty days) either you you need to place towels down and now have period sex, or me and period sex is not your thing, have no sex if you’re like. After all.

And absolutely nothing makes a lesbian bitchier than being in a relationship that is sexless.

6. As soon as your durations ARE synced up.

It is simply an excessive amount of PMS in a single condensed area. Though it can cause some pretty hate sex that is steamy…

7. When some body saunters boldly away in a strap-on during a single stand night.

PSA: don’t whip a strap-on out from the very first date, women! This occurred to a friend of mine a years that are few. Without also mentioning it, your ex arrived sauntering out from the restroom flapping around her strap-on. Continue reading