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Buddhism happens to be the religion that is dominant Cambodia, in one single type or any other, considering that the reign of Jayavarman VII (c. 1181-1200).

Before its use due to the fact continuing state faith nevertheless, Hinduism flourished for over a thousand years. Roman Catholicism ended up being introduced by French missionaries beginning into the century that is eighteenth. Sunni Islam is practised among the list of Chams, while one of the population that is sino-Khmer Buddhism, Confucianism and Chinese folk religions stay popular.


It’s thought that Buddhism is accompanied by the social individuals of Cambodia since fifth century AD. There are several sources that unveil that Theravada Buddhism prevails in Cambodia even yet in the third century B.C. Buddhism became the key together with Cambodian state faith from the comfort of 13th century BC excluding the time of Khmer Rouge and it is presently predicted to function as faith of 95percent for the populace.

For the very first thousand many years of Khmer history, Cambodia had been ruled by a number of Hindu kings by having a periodic buddhist king, such as for example Jayavarman we of Funan, and Suryvarman I. Continue reading