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An Indonesian spouse will be unable to sponsor a restricted stay permit (ITAS) for their international fiancй until they’ve been legitimately hitched

Visa status for unmarried partners

when they want to prior live in Indonesia to being hitched, the Indonesian husband-to-be should submit an application for a Visa Kunjungan for their international wife-to-be. When the marriage is appropriate, they can then apply for an ITAS minus the wife that is foreign to go out of the united states. If she comes into for a Visa on Arrival, she must keep Indonesia following the ITAS happens to be authorized to really have the brand new visa stamped inside her passport in a Indonesian embassy abroad. So, watch out for the feasible future travel implications of entering Indonesia on a Visa on Arrival – if the intention is always to have a home in Indonesia.

Into the instance of a divorce proceedings

The legal rulings divorce that is regarding mixed marriages are notably contradictory. It’s not no problem finding down exactly what pertains. Some points within the statutory legislation are obvious: the house owned ahead of the wedding continues to be the home of the individual worried. Any inheritance gotten by the spouse through the wedding is not provided, but continues to be the home of the individual worried. Any income attained by either individual through the wedding is provided. The mother is generally given custody of young children, however this is not clear-cut and the decision is made on a case-by-case basis in case of divorce.


It really is strongly suggested, and extremely smart, for wives of Indonesian husbands to coax their husbands into composing a might. In the event that few does not have a might, plus the Indonesian spouse becomes deceased, the spouse will need to go to court to have her status recognized/legalized. Continue reading