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5 Tips For Creating a Year Round Outdoor Entertainment Area

Summer in Melbourne is all about backyard barbecues and lazy afternoons on the sunlounge, but as the cooler autumn weather sets in, most Melbournians retreat back inside and their backyard entertaining area lays dormant for another nine months. However, just because the sun has gone, doesn’t mean you need to stop making the most of outdoor spaces. Here are five tips for creating a dynamic outdoor entertainment area that can be used all year round.

Choose warm colours underfoot

Colours can have a powerful psychological impact and choosing warmer tones play a key role in making your outdoor space feel cosy even in the depths of winter. Underfoot, choose treated natural timbers or colourful and textured aggregate concrete which has the extra advantage of being waterproof and highly durable.

Let there be light

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, now is the perfect time to get creative with lighting. Whether you choose to go for fairy lights or decorative lanterns, adding light to an outdoor area increases its functionality and makes the space feel more intimate.

Add fire

There’s nothing like sipping mulled wine around a fire pit in the depths of winter and these pieces are a simple, striking, and highly effective way to solve the challenge of heating. If you are looking for something less dramatic, installing an overhead gas or electrical heater can also work very effectively.

Plant perennials

One of the great pleasures of outdoor entertaining is being surrounded by the natural world but in winter when all the flowering annuals die off, your garden can become a bit lacklustre. Circumvent this by planting colourful and flowering perennials in pots around your entertaining area. Perennials have the added bonus of being drought tolerant and low maintenance, so you can enjoy some colour and verdure in your yard without having to put in too much effort.

Invest in proper outdoor furniture

If you want to entertain outdoors all year round, it’s crucial to invest in purpose built outdoor furniture which has been designed and treated to endure the outdoor elements. It’s also important to care your furniture by physically protecting it from water and treating it on an annual basis to maintain it’s water resistance.

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