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Pool Patio Area

5 Key Elements for a Stunning Pool Patio Area

Now that the weather is cooling down and you’re spending less time entertaining outside, it’s the perfect time to begin planning your patio renovations. Come summertime, the pool and patio area becomes the central focal point of most Australian homes and from a investment perspective, having a stylish and multifunctional outdoor entertainment can really boost the value of your home. This week, we look at five of the key elements required to create a stylish yet function pool and patio area.

Decorative surfacing

Elegant surfacing is really what defines an outdoor entertainment space. Without it, there is nothing to link the pool and patio to create a sense of continuity. This area of the home really requires a decorative surfacing solution that accentuates the pool and gives the patio a stylish yet functional feel. Exposed aggregate is one of the most popular surfacing options for this area of the home as it is highly durable, colourful, stylish and integrates perfectly with the poolside aesthetic.

Comfortable seating

Comfortable and convenient seating is probably the second most important element of a pool patio area and with so many options on the market, there is an outdoor setting and poolside lounge to suit every aesthetic.

Elegant lighting

A well planned lighting system really opens up the potential of a patio and pool area. Install a sophisticated system that enables you to light certain areas at certain times, to emphasise different features in your yard and provide a warm, intimate feeling during social gatherings.


Without at least a little greenery, a pool/patio area can look a little bit barren and sterile. Happily, you don’t have to be a gardening fanatic to enjoy a lush green entertainment area. Drought tolerant plants like palms and succulents are incredibly low maintenance and will give your poolside area a chic coastal feel.


There is something terribly dramatic about water and fire combined together. Fire plates and fire pits are an extremely popular entertainment concept at the moment as they provide both a unique focal point and a great place to socialise and stay warm. If the concept of a fire pit doesn’t speak to you, investing in lanterns or even the humble tiki torch are also great ways to incorporate the fire element.

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