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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Lawn and Have a Patio Instead


Although the traditional European concept of a garden is a green space with lawn, garden beds, and perhaps an entertaining area, it doesn’t adapt well to the harsh Australian climate or the modern, eco conscious lifestyle. In fact, more and more home owners are choosing to do away with their lawns in favour of a patio area and in this article, we examine some of the reasons why.

It’s water smart

First and foremost, grass is a thirsty plant and takes a lot of water to keep alive. Keeping a lawn looking lush is requires a lot of water, so it’s unsurprising that come summer in an arid, drought prone climate like Australia that frequently deals with water restrictions, most lawns around the country take on a parched yellow look. Simply put, Australia does not have the rainfall necessary to keep lawns alive on their own, and because of this, households with a lawn consume an enormous amount of water.


You’ll use less pollutants

Lawns require a lot of human intervention to retain their manicured look, and things like herbicides, fertilisers, and petrol driven mowers mean having a lawn is actually detrimental to the environment. The meagre air cleaning capabilities of grass don’t outweigh the number of pollutants required to maintain it’s upkeep, so ultimately, replacing a lawn with a paved patio area decreases the size of your household carbon footprint.


It requires less maintenance

Lawns are one of the most demanding aspects of yard care and many homeowners simply do not have the time, equipment, or energy necessary to keep their lawn looking neat and tidy. An overgrown detracts, rather than enhances the appearance of a home, so it makes little sense to have one if you cannot maintain it’s upkeep. By contrast, a patio area paved in a material such as exposed aggregate will stay looking neat and elegant even if you neglect it.


It boosts your resale value

The low maintenance and increased living space that a paved outdoor area can offer is a big drawcard for homeowners and can ultimately help boost the sale value of your home should you ever choose to sell.


It creates a dynamic outdoor space

Perhaps the biggest advantage of doing away with your lawn in favour of a paved patio area is the added living space it creates. The possibilities with a patio area are endless, and it’s a great way to maximise the way you use your outdoor area.


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