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Concrete Innovations

5 Concrete Innovations That Will Shape the Future of the Industry

One of the most abundant, versatile, and popular building materials on the planet, it’s unsurprising that concrete is often the subject of a great deal of research in the scientific, engineering, and construction sectors.In this article, we take a look at just a few of the latest concrete interventions set to change the way we use concrete in the near future.

  1. Self repairing concrete
    Bath University have developed a self healing concrete that is capable of repairing cracks in structures as they develop. The technology consists of concrete mixed with bacteria inside microcapsules which activate when the concrete cracks and the bacteria is exposed to water. The combination of the water and bacteria produces limestone which seals over the crack before the elements have a change to further corrode the structure and damage the reinforcements.
  1. Photo catalytic cement
    Also known as self cleaning concrete, this material has what is known as a photo catalytically active surface coated with either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The surface absorbs UV radiation which excites electrons and cleans the air around the structure. Photo catalytic cement has the potential to reduce smog and improve the urban environment. 
  1. Ultra high performance concrete
    Also known as reactive powder concrete, ultra high performance concrete is an incredibly strong, light material that eliminates the need for reinforcing steel and require less concrete.
  1. Self consolidating concrete
    Self consolidating concrete eliminates the need for vibration and is an ideal solution for heavily reinforced concrete members, complex formwork, honeycombing and exposed reinforcement in structural walls and columns. SCC helps to eliminate the risk of human error with a smooth flow with enough viscosity to support the coarse aggregate resulting in an even, flawless surface.
  1. Phosphorescent concrete
    Designed to help drivers see the road ahead, this ‘glow in the dark concrete’ absorbs ultraviolet light during the day which it then uses this energy to glow for 8-12 hours in the dark, a process called photoluminescence. Phosphorescent concrete is environmentally sustainable and has a wide range of applications from infrastructure to interior design.

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