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Retaining Walls

4 Ways to Make Retaining Walls a Feature in Your Backyard

Retaining walls are the most effective way to prevent soil movement and erosion on sloping properties. However, retaining walls are not purely used for function and many homeowners have utilized them as an effective tool in backyard landscaping. In this week’s blog, we look at four key ways you can use retaining walls to make a bold statement in your garden.

Turn it into seating

Seat walls are a practical, durable way to get value out of your retaining wall and install permanent garden furniture.  Seat walls can be made by attaching a wooden bench onto a pre-existing wall, or by building a lower edge which extends out from the retaining wall to create a ‘cut in’ look.

Create a terraced garden

Terracing is one of the most common ways that retaining walls are used in landscaping and they’re a great way to create a sleek, modern looking garden that is water efficient, easy to maintain, resistant to erosion. The tiered layout of these types of gardens means that they are more efficient at retaining water as it travels down the tiers before soaking into the ground surface.  The different levels also make accessing plants to perform maintenance like fertilising, pruning and watering much easier. Finally, terraced gardens are a great way to capitalise on the available space in your backyard and make it look bigger than it actually is.

Make it come alive

Retaining walls don’t just have to act as borders for your garden they can be used as vertical planting beds if you use the right kinds of creepers. There are plenty of flowering  perennial vines out there which are easy to maintain, fast growing and add a burst of colour to your backyard. For higher retaining walls, installing hanging baskets or even a ‘living wall’ is a great way to capitalise on the vertical space available.

Get arty

Concrete retaining walls make the perfect outdoor canvas for murals, hanging sculptures, and mosaics. Outdoor art is a quick, east way to add colour and interest to your backyard and has none of the high maintenance requirements of a garden.

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