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4 Reasons You Need an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

When considering driveway options, there are many types of building materials, styles and designs to choose from. Exposed aggregate is one choice that is becoming highly popular with Melbourne residents. It went out of style for a while, but now this durable outdoor concrete finish has come back with a vengeance, and with good reason. Exposed aggregate offers home and business owners a flexible yet sturdy material that can enhance pool edges, garden paths, flower beds and patios. It is also an especially attractive option for driveways, and here’s why:


One of the most attractive features of exposed aggregate driveways is the way they look. You have a multitude of design options to choose from when planning your driveway, including many different natural textures (icon Concrete has a range of various decorative stones available) and cement colours. This means you can personalise your driveway to suit your tastes and your home’s style. peta dunia An exposed aggregate driveway makes your home look more attractive and welcoming.

Easy to maintain

Exposed aggregate driveways are easy to maintain. As it is sealed and made from quality materials, the surface won’t crack or require extensive upkeep. keyword discovery All you need to do to keep it looking its best is clean it occasionally by sweeping and then hosing down your driveway.


When installed by expert tradespeople like the team at icon Concrete, exposed aggregate driveways are built to last. Exposed aggregate driveways can stand up to whatever the Australian weather throws at them, making them ideal for areas with lots of traffic.


Another benefit of exposed aggregate driveways is their excellent traction. You don’t need to worry about children or others slipping and falling in wet weather conditions as the texture ensures excellent grip, unlike the smooth finish of some other kinds of driveway surfaces.

As a leading provider of exposed aggregate in Melbourne, icon Concrete have the expertise to meet all your exposed aggregate needs. We also provide concrete slabs for many different residential and commercial projects. offshore centre . You can trust us to provide excellent service, quality workmanship and superior materials.

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