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Basement Transformation

4 Basement Transformation Ideas to Inspire You

Basements are the rooms that interior design forgot. They tend to be the parts of our home where we put everything we don’t want to see or want to get rid of but don’t quite know how to go about it. At best, basements are the places where we stash old memories in the form of photographs, children’s toys, and family heirlooms; at worst, they are the subject matter for horror films and the home of things that go bump in the night. At iCon Concrete, we’re all about helping our customers create functional sub ground spaces with our concrete block, concrete pouring and precast concrete foundation solutions. However, in addition to being fantastic places for extra storage, basements can be transformed in to fun living spaces. Here are four basement transformation ideas to help you get inspired.

Epic home cinema

The low light and natural sound insulation properties of a basement makes it the perfect place to get serious about your film appreciation. There are plenty of tutorials available online that show you how to build your own home cinema without breaking the bank.

Speakeasy style bar

Create your own clandestine speakeasy a la The Great Gatsby and party like it’s 1929. During the prohibition era in America, many speakeasy bars were established in basements because they were easy to conceal and offered exceptional sound insulation. To get a taste of the flapper lifestyle, simply build your own bar, stock up on all your favourite liquors and dust off that cocktail shaker you never use then invite all your friends over for a raucous party that the neighbours won’t complain about.

The ultimate den

Sometimes, you just need to retreat from the chaos of the outside world and spend some time doing your own thing in your own little nook of the house. The basement is an ideal space if you’re looking for some peace and quiet and it takes very little to make it feel cosy and welcoming. By simply adding some rugs, a few easy chairs, and a bookcase or pool table you can transform your basement into a private oasis.

Industrial style gym and weights room

One of the biggest barriers to establishing and maintaining an exercise routine is finding the time to get to the gym, but you can bypass this issue by setting one up in your basement. Create a no frills old school training gym vibe with a boxing bag, mirrors along one wall, a cardio bike and a free weights area.

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